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16 June 2016 @ 09:09 pm
Let's recap today shall we. I get home after picking my car up from being repaired because the exhaust was rubbing on the drive shaft and I get a call from my Dad. My Dog - actually my Dad's dog, but I'm the one who picked her out all the years ago - was dying. She was old and blind and deaf and senile, so we expected it.

I was given the option to go visit her before she was put to sleep, but it would have taken me atleast two hours to get there through peek hour traffic, but it would have been wrong to prolong her suffering like that, so I said no. Feel like shit for it, but I know it was the right thing to do.

Then someone smashed my driver side window on my car. The only thing missing from the inside of the car was an empty envelope I had in there sitting over some loose change (so the loose change wasn't visible from outside). Thing is, they didn't even take the few bucks, just the empty envelope. Idiots.

So now I've gotta deal with that, the cost and effort to replace the window. And I only fucking got the car back.

Fuck today. Really, fuck it.
13 February 2016 @ 11:44 am
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Cowboys vs Aliens
The New Guy
Batman Returns
A History of Violence
Oceans Eleven
Stargate Continuum
Avatar (film)
The Mask
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Heros (Season 1)
Pan's Labyrinth
The Devil's Advocate
Lady In The Water
Transformers (Michale Bay Film)
Sky Captain of the World of Tomorrow
Fellowship of the Rings (theatrical edition)
The Two Towers (theatrical edition)
The Return of the King (theatrical edition)
Hulk Vs
Bounty Hunters
Super Troopers
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Fantastic 4
The Recruit
Torchwood (season 1)
Bad Girls
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Apollo 13
The Simpsons Movie
The Color of Magic
V for Vendetta
The Simpsons Classics - The Last Temptation of Homer
The Dark Knight Rises
The Queen
Pirates of the Caribbean 4
The Gathering
Pitch Black
Hercules the Legendary Journeys (Season 3)
Hercules the Legendary Journeys (Season 1)
The Amazing Spider-Man
Spooks (Season 1)
Supernatural (Season 1)
Supernatural (Season 2)
i, Robot
Wreck It Ralph
Easy A
Batman Mask of the Phantasm (animated movie)
Wall E
The Hunger Games
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. 2nd Gig
Titan A.E.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Babylon 5 (Season 5)
The Crow
Tristan & Isolde
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
From Dusk Till Dawn (film)
Daredevil (film)
King Arthur
Angel Heart
The Usual Suspects
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - 10 Classic Episodes
The Avengers 2: Rise of the Black Panther (animated film)
The Thirst
The 13th Warrior
Spooks (season 2)
Get Smart (recent film)
Bruce Almighty
Saving Private Ryan
Reservoir Dogs
Jim Hensan's The Dark Crystal
HEX (season 1)
HEX (season 2)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Stargate: The Ark of Truth
Monty Python's Life of Brian
The LEgend of Zorro
Pokomon the Movie
Sherlock Holmes (recent movie)
Torchwood Miracle Day
The Losers
Dark City
25 December 2015 @ 12:01 am

Breaking Tradition By Stealing Some Art

Guess what I'll be doing today. Merry Christmas
20 September 2015 @ 07:05 pm

There's just so much happening. Look at the redhead and her friend walking towards the camera. Look at the woman in the blue dress to the left of the picture. Look at greatest person ever to the right of the redhead. Look at the kid with the balloon to the right of that. How much more can you find?
15 September 2015 @ 05:47 pm
It's the first warm day since the winter chill settled in back in Autumn. You read the news with growing excitement at the prospect of a warm day - a real honest warm day that's almost hot - and you think about The Dress. You know the one, the cute little summer dress you have in your closet. Sexy without being slutty, somehow it always manages to make you look fantastic, even if you've been cheating on your diet. It's one of your favorites and you just haven't been able to wear it for the past six months.

You put it on, check in the mirror and to your astonishment it's true! You look amazing, and after a winter of covering up, it just feels so freeing. Today is going to be a good day. Right? Right?

Well I'm here to give you timely reminder. The day might be refreshingly warm, but before you step outside in your adorable, floral, cotton ensemble, you might want to check if the day is also going to be windy. You may have forgotten over the long cold winter months, but wind and summer dresses mixed today lead to one inevitable outcome.

And now that you've been given fair warning, I'm off to enjoy my afternoon walk. And yes, you do look breathtaking.
25 July 2015 @ 08:01 pm
I spoke about character concepts earlier, but I'd like to talk about character arcs. Static characters can be interesting, but I find it more interesting when a character develops and grows as events unfold around them. I touched very lightly upon it before but it's time to go into more detail.

Pay attention, there will be a test.


Rogue started out not being very serious about the whole Inquisition thing. It was important sure, but he was mostly playing along because it was interesting, for a lark. Then while attempting to recruit the Mages and got sent to the Bad Future, the depth of what was really going on finally started to sink in. upon his return, tormented by fear and horror at what could happened he lashed out at the Mages, conscripting them into the Inquisition. When the time came to become the Inquisitor, he embraced the role of heroic saviour Inquisitor whole heartedly, and even began to entertain the possibility that he really was the Herald.

That only lasted until Adamant fortress and the trip to the fade. After the debacle with the Wardens and the shattering of his growing conviction that he was "special" or "chosen", he lashed out again, frustrated with their mistakes, irritated at having ever believed in Herald stories, and angry at the loss of Stroud. Disgusted and worried about the potential for further contamination from Cory, he exiled the Wardens from southern Thedas until the conflict was over. A decision he quickly began to regret as the potential problems of not having any Wardens around quickly made themselves apparent.

It was in the aftermath of that moment when Rogue had the biggest growth, the responsibility of his decisions began to weigh heavily on his shoulders. By the time of the Winter Palace ball, he wasn't just wearing the mantle of the Inquisitor, but actually was the Inquisitor down to his bones. Faced with the scheming from Briala, Gaspard and Celene he forced them to work together not just for their own good, but the good of everyone.

When it came time to pick a new Divine, Rogue kept out of the politicking. The person who started the game would have gleefully become involved with picking a side, and the pre-fade Inquisitor would have picked a successor convinced of his own righteous judgement. This was the biggest change of the character, viewing a hard limit on what should be his influence and the leadership of the Chantry as something outside of that.

When it came time to drink from the well, the decision was a simple one. They needed the knowledge contained within, and the geas placed on the waters promised that there would be a cost - one no one could predict. But he was the Inquisitor and that title didn't mean glory, it didn't mean power, it meant making the decisions that needed to be made, and paying the price that came with that.


Loner started out incredibly resentful for being dragged into the affairs of the burgeoning Inquisition and dealing with the Breach. Her life before had been - if not pleasant - comfortable and predictable. All of that had been taken away from her, and she was left with no choice but the stick around and go along with things for her own protection.

What she found was not as terrible as she had expected, the people around her were pleasant and likeable, plus they were united, filled with a purpose she had never realised she'd lacked in her life. Settling easily into her new role she got on with the job with a minimum of fuss, whether that be cutting down bandits, rescuing captured scouts, securing Templar allies or holding off an Archdemon to cover the escape of others.

Privately, Loner admitted that she didn't mind where she had ended up, and if it had been left to her own decision she might have joined anyway. So it was just as she was settling down that the decision to make her the Inquisitor was made, catching her extremely off guard. She accepted, but only with the most extreme reluctance and filled with doubts.

Convinced that the position was a temporary one, a mistake that would be corrected once it was clear she wasn't the Herald, Loner initially leaned heavily on her advisors and companions, acting more of a mediator for conflicting viewpoints than a true leader. Even the few independent decisions she did make on her own were heavily based on the Templar model.

It was only after the success of the Inquisition siege at Adamant, and when the revelation that the Mark was an accident failed to provoke calls for her to stand down, that Loner admitted that her promotion was not an error. Even without divine authority, the people - *her* people - trusted her to see them through to the end.

It was with a newfound confidence that she entered the Winter Palace. Where she would have once followed through the original plan to stop Celene's assassination, Loner made the shocking decision to allow the attack to go ahead, securing the throne for Gaspard whom she considered a stronger ally, and one who was less likely to play games or turn on them. She let her opinions be known on the next Divine. She shaped the Inquisition and world around her.

She wasn't without direction, or stuck guiding the plans of others to fruition. She could plot her own destiny, decide her own purpose.

Goth (this is a character I have yet to do, but I'm pretty sure how the arc will play out)

Goth had a clear understanding of the world, of what was important, of what was bad and what needed to happen. The mages needed to be free, the Templars needed to be stopped and the corrupt Chantry needed to be kept out of their lives. The breach, the mark on her hand didn't change that. The mages were still fighting to be free, the Templars still wanted to slay them all, and the Chantry to enslave them. Everything else was of lesser importance, minor distractions.

Goth was convinced of these facts, and nothing could shake that certitude. The mages were oppressed and needed to be free, so she set about using the opportunities of her new position to achieve those goals. The actions of the Mages at Redcliffe were troubling, but those worries were easily pushed aside, powerless against the strength of her conviction.

Then she met Cory. Ancient Tevinter Magister, originator of the blight, source of so much of conflict and pain in the world. And a Mage. In the face of that power, that arrogance, she at last saw outside her own narrow viewpoint, understood - if not agreed - why the Templars and Chantry believed what they did.

With the move to Skyhold and declaration of her as Inquisitor, there was always something to do, some urgent matter that required her attention or judgement, some matter to be addressed that couldn't wait, and as such little time to contemplate the new doubts made manifest in her mind.

It was with newly opened eyes that she went to the Winter Palace and watched in horror the chaos brought by those who couldn't see past their own short sighted desires. Pulling the best resolution from the mess she could, Goth retired back to Skyhold deeply troubled. How similar was she been to those people? Free the mages, but then what? Fight Cory, but then what? She had been so caught up in her immediate goals that she hadn't planned for long term consequences.

Heartened by her new resolve, she took the Inquisition in a new direction. Still focused on defeating Cory, but developing plans and carving a place in the world for them afterwards. Indeed she became so focused on long term planning, that the immediate problems were pushed back, and the Wardens continued to gather in the Western Approach.

Eventually it couldn't be put off any longer, and with reluctance she turned her attention to deal with the Wardens, and finally saw the other side of the coin. The Wardens were determined to deal with the future, that they lost sight of what was going on in the present, blind to the horror caused by their hands because their eyes were fixed on the horizon.

Again Goth realised her mistake, having a long term goal is important, but so it how you got there. The Inquisition was to have a place in the world, but if they sold their soul to get there, was it worth it? A balance was needed, to get involved with the immediate details of a problem without losing sight of the end objective.

And then something about turning her going back to chasing down Cory and drinking from the well, dealing with long and short term blah blah blah.
25 July 2015 @ 07:46 pm
I've spoken about this before, but I have some free time on my hands today so I'm going to do it again. Planned character concepts! And you get to read along, so lucky!


The first character I took through the game, human double dagger. Well educated and adapt at many things, but never really focused on any area. Jack of all Trades, Master of None. Kind of vain and overly focused on the appearance of things. Only becomes invested in the whole Inquisition thing after the time travel stuff.

Was closest with Solas, Cass and Varric, but got on well with everyone. Conscripted the Mages, exiled the Wardens, made Gaspard Briala and Celene work together and drank from the well. Aimed for ironic judgements.

As this was my first character, the concept is the loosest.


A Qunari axe and shield. Not the smartest character, but practical to a fault. She likes things to be simple and dislikes unnecessary complications. She never really had a purpose in life beyond survival and is drawn to those who are clear about what they want and have a strong drive towards it.

Was closest with V, Sera and Blackwall, but got on well enough with everyone except Solas. Conscripted the Templars, and Wardens, made Gaspard Emperor and had Morrigan drink from the well. Judgements tended to the harsher side.


A human mage, she was very smart and pro mage-freedom, but a lifetime of being told that she was dangerous led her to being self-controlled to the point of repression. Likes people who are smart, self controlled or just kind, but REALLY does not get along with the more people who are wilder or selfish.

She'll be closest to Cole, Bull and Dorian. Am planning on allying with the Mages, exile the Wardens, reuniting Bri and Celene, and drink from the well. Her judgements will mostly be about building power.


A dwarven archer and my heel character. Selfish and only in it for himself, he'll piss off everyone and not give a shit what anyone thinks. This is the token evil character, just to see what happens when you constantly do terrible things.

I doubt he'll be close to anyone, but I suspect he'll end up taking Cas, Solas and Varric with him because they're the only companions who'll never leave. Will conscript the Mages and Wardens, put Briala on the throne and drink from the well. Won't make many judgements, because why bother?


An elvan archer and Pinkquisition character. She likes to think that things happen for a greater purpose, and while she is nice, throw in some survivor’s guilt and it should be a fun mess. No hunting, no stealing, avoiding killing if you can. I'll be trying to take the concept of “being nice” to the point that it's self defeating.

Needless to say, likes nice people, so will gravitate towards Blackwall, Cole and Solas. Ally with the Mages and Wardens, make Celene, Briala and Gaspard work together, let Morrigan drink from the well, and merciful judgements.


A two-handed human, kind of spoiled who buys into the whole "chosen one" thing a bit too much. Expects to be the most important person in any room, but isn’t mean to the "lesser" people, and is a hard core Andrastian.

She'll be gravitating towards people who share her beliefs - Cass, people who flatter her importance – V, and what no one else has - Cole. Ally with the Templars and Wardens, leave Celene in charge and let Morrigan drink from the well of heresy. No idea about judgements will play it by ear.


A mage Qunari. This is an odd character, someone who is a coward and liar, but keeps stumbling into dangerous situations where he survives. Ends up building an undeserved reputation for heroism that comes with some perks, so has to balance keeping the reputation around with the benefits, and finding a way to still be alive to actually enjoy the benefits. Will say whatever someone wants to hear.

He won't honestly be that close to anyone, but will keep Dorian nearby because he's flashy enough to distract some attention. Blackwall because he seems easy to manipulate. And Varric, because he's too adapt at lies and storytelling for Coward to trust letting him out of his sight. Cole is getting kicked out ASAP.

Will Exile the Wardens (too dangerous to have around), Conscript Templars (keep an eye on them), leave Celene in charge (don't shake things up) and let Morrigan drink from the well (why risk yourself?). Judgements will lean towards trying to build his "heroic" reputation, or getting something for himself.


A pro-elf, anti-human mage. Her motivation is pretty simple, anything that can help elves. Doesn’t like the Inqusition, but is willing to work with them because the Breach threatens everyone. And as a plus she sees it as an opportunity to subvert a growing human organisation.

I’ll be attempting to drag around Solas, Bull and Sera (she'll "save" Sera even if it kills her, it should be fun!) Cass will be the only human companion because she started there. She'll Conscript the Templars (a human organisation), and the Wardens, leave Briala in charge and drink from the well herself.


A sword and shield dwarf. She lived a life before coming to the surface, had a family before she lost it all in a Dust town plague and left, where upon she lived another life as an enforcer for the Carta. She’s onto her third life now and has less years left then have already passed, she has seen a lot of shit and has a tendency to mother people. An Andrastian convert, she still doesn't buy into the Herald stuff, she's experienced enough to know that nothing is free.

She'll team up with Cass, Bull and Blackwall for my same class party experiment. It might change if that doesn't work. She'll exile the Wardens (keep them out of the way to protect them), ally with the Templars (they just need a helping hand), bring Briala and Celene back (poor kids just need to sit down and stop the drama), and drink from the Well herself.


A warrior elf of some sort, a concept I'm still working on. The gist is that "divorced dad", who still loves his kids but doesn't get to see them very often. Out from the world he lived in for many years, with the sudden sense that he's wasted so much of his life, he tries to recapture his youth - in short he has a mid-life crisis. The inspiration for this character? Why else would someone run around half naked.

And ... if I come up with another four concepts, I can fit every companion pairing in.

1) I had a concept for DAO and DA2 that I never got around to playing, of a Pacifist character. Someone who will heal and buff the party, and stun the enemy, but won't do direct damage unless they absolutely have to. That play style could work with a rogue, heavy on the stealth and traps. Also Coward's personality works well with it, so switch that over there. Maybe as a Qunari Rogue archer.

2) This frees a mage slot, so time to slot in a Mage Supremest. Mages should rule, are more evolved, etc etc. Fantasy Voldemort. Take an all Mage party and it'll fail horrible, but it should be an interesting failure.

3) Throw in a pro-circle mage. Someone who buys into the whole circle and mages are cursed thing. Human because of the Circle background. They'd get along well with V (unrequited love!), so she's in the party. Varric and Bull are also in that group but why would they be around?

Bandit is being kept free because of the concept precludes that, so Dad can have Sera/Cass/Dorian. Dorian because he's funny, youthful and energetic (midlife crisis), Sera because ... uh ... he's a heterosexual elf and not into the cross species thing and she's easy on the eyes (midlife crisis!) and Cas because ... Cas is awesome? Shut up, that's why.

Last concept for Sera/Varric/Cole ... the Professor. Well educated, thinks they know best? No idea what race or class. No why would they hang around Sera?

Umm, the Rockstar? Just wants to be fabulous and famous and play to a sold out stadium? No, too similar to Herald.

Uh, Thrill Junky. Only in it for the blood and the crunch, not much for talking? Then why is Varric there?

Santa? Jolly old fat guy who brings joy to the good girls and boys, but punishes the naughty ones? Big white beard, Red and Green themed armour. Shit that could work with Sera too, and Cole is good at making a list and checking it twice! And Varric can ... make ... toys? Need to decide on a class.
10 May 2015 @ 11:09 am

I guess this is a thing now
27 December 2014 @ 10:17 pm
I've spent way too long dressing up my Inquisition characters. It's said that Dragon Age Inquisition is an excellent Fashion Game/Dating Sim, it's just a pity that it's all tied into that combat/exploration mini-game. In any event I've spent so long on it that I decided to hold a photoshoot of them. I had a complete, fake commentary planned out for each character where they react to the whole concept and are interviewed to discuss their fashion choices. I was putting effort into having the answers fit each person.

But in the end, the photos didn't turn out. Tactical Cam isn't that great for this sort of thing, the Hinterlands was a terrible choice for a shoot location, and using a camera to take pictures of a TV doesn't work very well. So I've scratched that idea. I'll revisit it once I finish Inquisition on the PC, then I'll be able to just screenshot and use the flycam.

In any event, here is an abridged version of what I had planned. Characters and a short little blurb about the thought that went into their outfits.

Companion Spoilers. Also, OutfitsCollapse )
26 December 2014 @ 01:08 am
My oven is shit. And honestly too big. I'll spend an hour heating it up just to cook a small meal for one (eight chicken nuggets), and even then it would take twice as long to cook as it should. Plus the timer on it doesn't work, and I had a horrible tendency to forget how long ago I put something in there. It was bad, and I've been grouching about it for a while. So when Christmas turns up, what do I end up getting?

It's just big enough to cook food for one person, which as it happens is how many people I am. Plus it's just the right size to use as an improvised weapon should some sort of kitchen battle break out and knives weren't an option. Oh and yes, it actually works. There is only one down side. Being pleased at getting it as a gift has done more than any other thing to make me feel old.

I remember when I used to get toys for Christmas.