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27 December 2014 @ 10:17 pm
What did I spend 120 hours doing in Inquisition?  
I've spent way too long dressing up my Inquisition characters. It's said that Dragon Age Inquisition is an excellent Fashion Game/Dating Sim, it's just a pity that it's all tied into that combat/exploration mini-game. In any event I've spent so long on it that I decided to hold a photoshoot of them. I had a complete, fake commentary planned out for each character where they react to the whole concept and are interviewed to discuss their fashion choices. I was putting effort into having the answers fit each person.

But in the end, the photos didn't turn out. Tactical Cam isn't that great for this sort of thing, the Hinterlands was a terrible choice for a shoot location, and using a camera to take pictures of a TV doesn't work very well. So I've scratched that idea. I'll revisit it once I finish Inquisition on the PC, then I'll be able to just screenshot and use the flycam.

In any event, here is an abridged version of what I had planned. Characters and a short little blurb about the thought that went into their outfits.


This is my first Inquisitor. It took me until the very end of the game to find an outfit that worked for him. It's all about the coat, and while I hate the boots I'm willing to suffer them for the coat.


I'll be honest, I didn't put a super amount of effort into Varric's outfit. The chest hair was a must, and I wanted to keep it simple as to his personality, with some touches towards defence and showing off his wealth. The helmet is part of a joke where he gets asked about it and tells an over the top lie explaining why he wears it. The reality is he wears it because it works and is comfortable - plus people keep asking.


Dorian. I don't really like most of Dorian's outfits. I finally settled upon the idea of making him a man in white, to carry the idealistic nature of him. Plus it has a vague wedding overtone which fits as he is a romantic. The question he gets asked is about how he keeps all the white clean while out in the field. The answer? Magic.


Cass was the character I romanced, so she had to suffer through my personal preferences in terms of her clothing. Which means black, maybe some Silver. The only part of her gear that wasn't custom made was the helmet. For a long time I had her decked out in gear that gave her the long coat, but that stuff couldn't keep up with the armour requirements. This is pretty close.

[Cass with some clothes missing]
On a side note, I was really difficult to take pictures of her because her armour is broken with that arm attachment.


Cole, complete with "who?" joke was pretty much "we let him pick his own clothes" so he picked friendly colours.


I was trying to minimise the whole warden thing for Blackwall, because fuck him. This is only one of the only non-crafted armours, because fuck him. Really, why the fuck is he still in my party post game?! I'm not fond of Blackwall and don't like that he's still around post-game. My feelings might be somewhat showing.

[Madame de Fer]

Vivienne wasn't a regular part of my party until post game, but I'd already spent some time building her outfit. I went with a royal blue and lavender theme for her, and I had to give her the stupid metallic boots, because V would so totally wear those boots to go walking around the wilderness.


I picked a really bad spot for her shoot, so getting a good shot of her was really difficult. I ended up with as many pictures of her as I did for everyone else.

[Photographing lightening is difficult]

I'm not super happy with any of them.


I took these pictures last, so they were really suffering. Trying to get the helmet to show up without washing everything else out? If I had tried to do his shoot first I would have given up right away, this really is where I needed screenshots. There were a couple of thoughts that went into Bull's gear. The first was branding, when you're selling a product you need to have a recognisable brand, so you sell it as much as you can. He also needed proper armour because I'm not sending anyone into the front line without armour. The armour is pink because pink is pretty. And those pants look pretty easy to get out of in a hurry.


Sera sera sera. Despite the fact that she wasn't a part of my regular party I spent as much time on Sera's outfit as I did on my Inquisitor and Cass. She went through many changes, but eventually I settled on a gorgeous Pink and Black number. It doesn't show up well in the picture, but the leggings were black, which was very nice.

[Silver Sera]

It would have been the final version, but right before I went to the shoot I noticed I had looted a silver thing that looks amazing on her, and has that adorable knife. So there was a last minute adjustment to the plans. The brown leggings aren't ideal, but we make do.


And yes, the boots are mandatory. I was so happy when I figured out how to give them to her.