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25 July 2015 @ 07:46 pm
Inquisition Character Concepts  
I've spoken about this before, but I have some free time on my hands today so I'm going to do it again. Planned character concepts! And you get to read along, so lucky!


The first character I took through the game, human double dagger. Well educated and adapt at many things, but never really focused on any area. Jack of all Trades, Master of None. Kind of vain and overly focused on the appearance of things. Only becomes invested in the whole Inquisition thing after the time travel stuff.

Was closest with Solas, Cass and Varric, but got on well with everyone. Conscripted the Mages, exiled the Wardens, made Gaspard Briala and Celene work together and drank from the well. Aimed for ironic judgements.

As this was my first character, the concept is the loosest.


A Qunari axe and shield. Not the smartest character, but practical to a fault. She likes things to be simple and dislikes unnecessary complications. She never really had a purpose in life beyond survival and is drawn to those who are clear about what they want and have a strong drive towards it.

Was closest with V, Sera and Blackwall, but got on well enough with everyone except Solas. Conscripted the Templars, and Wardens, made Gaspard Emperor and had Morrigan drink from the well. Judgements tended to the harsher side.


A human mage, she was very smart and pro mage-freedom, but a lifetime of being told that she was dangerous led her to being self-controlled to the point of repression. Likes people who are smart, self controlled or just kind, but REALLY does not get along with the more people who are wilder or selfish.

She'll be closest to Cole, Bull and Dorian. Am planning on allying with the Mages, exile the Wardens, reuniting Bri and Celene, and drink from the well. Her judgements will mostly be about building power.


A dwarven archer and my heel character. Selfish and only in it for himself, he'll piss off everyone and not give a shit what anyone thinks. This is the token evil character, just to see what happens when you constantly do terrible things.

I doubt he'll be close to anyone, but I suspect he'll end up taking Cas, Solas and Varric with him because they're the only companions who'll never leave. Will conscript the Mages and Wardens, put Briala on the throne and drink from the well. Won't make many judgements, because why bother?


An elvan archer and Pinkquisition character. She likes to think that things happen for a greater purpose, and while she is nice, throw in some survivor’s guilt and it should be a fun mess. No hunting, no stealing, avoiding killing if you can. I'll be trying to take the concept of “being nice” to the point that it's self defeating.

Needless to say, likes nice people, so will gravitate towards Blackwall, Cole and Solas. Ally with the Mages and Wardens, make Celene, Briala and Gaspard work together, let Morrigan drink from the well, and merciful judgements.


A two-handed human, kind of spoiled who buys into the whole "chosen one" thing a bit too much. Expects to be the most important person in any room, but isn’t mean to the "lesser" people, and is a hard core Andrastian.

She'll be gravitating towards people who share her beliefs - Cass, people who flatter her importance – V, and what no one else has - Cole. Ally with the Templars and Wardens, leave Celene in charge and let Morrigan drink from the well of heresy. No idea about judgements will play it by ear.


A mage Qunari. This is an odd character, someone who is a coward and liar, but keeps stumbling into dangerous situations where he survives. Ends up building an undeserved reputation for heroism that comes with some perks, so has to balance keeping the reputation around with the benefits, and finding a way to still be alive to actually enjoy the benefits. Will say whatever someone wants to hear.

He won't honestly be that close to anyone, but will keep Dorian nearby because he's flashy enough to distract some attention. Blackwall because he seems easy to manipulate. And Varric, because he's too adapt at lies and storytelling for Coward to trust letting him out of his sight. Cole is getting kicked out ASAP.

Will Exile the Wardens (too dangerous to have around), Conscript Templars (keep an eye on them), leave Celene in charge (don't shake things up) and let Morrigan drink from the well (why risk yourself?). Judgements will lean towards trying to build his "heroic" reputation, or getting something for himself.


A pro-elf, anti-human mage. Her motivation is pretty simple, anything that can help elves. Doesn’t like the Inqusition, but is willing to work with them because the Breach threatens everyone. And as a plus she sees it as an opportunity to subvert a growing human organisation.

I’ll be attempting to drag around Solas, Bull and Sera (she'll "save" Sera even if it kills her, it should be fun!) Cass will be the only human companion because she started there. She'll Conscript the Templars (a human organisation), and the Wardens, leave Briala in charge and drink from the well herself.


A sword and shield dwarf. She lived a life before coming to the surface, had a family before she lost it all in a Dust town plague and left, where upon she lived another life as an enforcer for the Carta. She’s onto her third life now and has less years left then have already passed, she has seen a lot of shit and has a tendency to mother people. An Andrastian convert, she still doesn't buy into the Herald stuff, she's experienced enough to know that nothing is free.

She'll team up with Cass, Bull and Blackwall for my same class party experiment. It might change if that doesn't work. She'll exile the Wardens (keep them out of the way to protect them), ally with the Templars (they just need a helping hand), bring Briala and Celene back (poor kids just need to sit down and stop the drama), and drink from the Well herself.


A warrior elf of some sort, a concept I'm still working on. The gist is that "divorced dad", who still loves his kids but doesn't get to see them very often. Out from the world he lived in for many years, with the sudden sense that he's wasted so much of his life, he tries to recapture his youth - in short he has a mid-life crisis. The inspiration for this character? Why else would someone run around half naked.

And ... if I come up with another four concepts, I can fit every companion pairing in.

1) I had a concept for DAO and DA2 that I never got around to playing, of a Pacifist character. Someone who will heal and buff the party, and stun the enemy, but won't do direct damage unless they absolutely have to. That play style could work with a rogue, heavy on the stealth and traps. Also Coward's personality works well with it, so switch that over there. Maybe as a Qunari Rogue archer.

2) This frees a mage slot, so time to slot in a Mage Supremest. Mages should rule, are more evolved, etc etc. Fantasy Voldemort. Take an all Mage party and it'll fail horrible, but it should be an interesting failure.

3) Throw in a pro-circle mage. Someone who buys into the whole circle and mages are cursed thing. Human because of the Circle background. They'd get along well with V (unrequited love!), so she's in the party. Varric and Bull are also in that group but why would they be around?

Bandit is being kept free because of the concept precludes that, so Dad can have Sera/Cass/Dorian. Dorian because he's funny, youthful and energetic (midlife crisis), Sera because ... uh ... he's a heterosexual elf and not into the cross species thing and she's easy on the eyes (midlife crisis!) and Cas because ... Cas is awesome? Shut up, that's why.

Last concept for Sera/Varric/Cole ... the Professor. Well educated, thinks they know best? No idea what race or class. No why would they hang around Sera?

Umm, the Rockstar? Just wants to be fabulous and famous and play to a sold out stadium? No, too similar to Herald.

Uh, Thrill Junky. Only in it for the blood and the crunch, not much for talking? Then why is Varric there?

Santa? Jolly old fat guy who brings joy to the good girls and boys, but punishes the naughty ones? Big white beard, Red and Green themed armour. Shit that could work with Sera too, and Cole is good at making a list and checking it twice! And Varric can ... make ... toys? Need to decide on a class.