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25 December 2014 @ 12:04 am

It's that time of year, time for everyone to gather around and admit that I'm better than you because I get to have Christmas first.

I win at Christmas!
16 December 2014 @ 08:14 pm
Wrote up a bunch of my different characters for Dragon Age Inquisition for the DA Comm, and decided to cross post it here.

[The First One]

This is the first character I took through DAI (because, Cassandra). I really hated how he looked at first, but I stuck with it and he grew on me. Well except for the tattoo, I realised very early on that giving him that tattoo was a mistake. But instead of starting over and getting rid of it, I made the mistake and regret part of his history. He thought it looked totally awesome when he was seventeen.

Here is Ami. I play her in every game I possibly can. She doesn't regret her tattoo.

[Purple Eyes]

Purple is going to be my next character through the game. Her picture is a badly framed because the tactical cam doesn't line up with Qunari faces (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I'm still working on her personality, I need her to be direct and to the point, while not being above relaxing fun, and generally distrusting of magic without being a total pain to play. Three guesses which romance I'm aiming her at.


I'm not totally sold on her make-up, but I think I'll let it stick and see if it grows on me. The character concept for her is three words "drinking the koolaid," she is the character who totally buys into the whole chosen one stuff. Also, she's going to be the Cullen romance.


My "good" character. Optimistic and always taking the good in the short term. When building her I was trying to avoid making her seem like a human with pointy ears, so she got the weird nose and massive, glowing green eyes. I'm not sure how well it worked. She's also my Blackwall romance. I have no idea how she's going to react to that.


BloodNerd! Named that for "reasons". He'll be one of the last characters I'll play, and will generally be rather selfish. If any of my characters were to try and make it to [plot stuff]the black city with their mark, this is the guy. He's going to get so much disapproval from everyone, everyone except for Dorian.


My concept when building her was pretty simple, "not all heroes are young". She's someone who has been through a lot of shit, my headcanon for her back story has her losing her family before she left for the surface. I'll end up playing with her appearance before I use her, but the core of the concept is will presented here. I especially like the super-out-of-place lipstick.


I really like this character concept, but I'm not thrilled with the appearance. The concept (built back before DAI launched) was of Traditionalist Dalish, focused on reclaiming their heritage and all that. Naturally she's going to hook up with Solas. It's going to be glorious. As to her appearance, I like the hair and I like the eyes. I think I'll rebuild everything else from scratch around those two.

So that's eight characters for eight romances. I have one more character planned just so I can get all of the specialisations. No appearance built, no concept beyond a vague "chaos barbarian" idea. He'll either be a male elf or male dwarf, depending on what I can come up with. It will also be interesting to see the game without a romance.
23 November 2014 @ 11:44 am
I've been very much looking forward to the release of Dragon Age Inquisition. I've been more involved in the build up of hype for this game than I have with any other. So what happens when I get it? The next day is a 40c day which means I can't run my electronics. Xbox turns off, expensive computer sure as hell turns off. I can run my Surface Pro 2 for longer, but it still has its limits. Which leaves me to a tiny little tablet. I even turn off my modem during the worst of it, because I sure as hell don't want it catching on fire.

It's bad. Really looking forward and then not being able to do it. In fact, not being able to do much of anything in that heat except sit in front of a fan as it blows warm air on you. Hellish, if you'll forgive the failing humour.

I'm about twenty hours into Inquisition and I'm enjoying it. It's too early to say for sure if it's any good, but we'll see, and I'd very much like to.

The problem? Friday was forecast as 39c and peeked at over 40, with a nice cool southerly arriving in the late afternoon. Today is forecast at 42c and there won't be a southerly until almost midnight. I'm not even trying to get some Inquisition time in this morning, no point spending an hour or two playing and then have to stop. Instead I'm just going to sit here, counting down the minutes until I have to turn my computer off, and slowly melting.

tldr? too hot, snd cld
21 November 2014 @ 06:33 pm
I promised shitty card pics


[click to embiggen]


Compared to a normal sized one for size
the back of the card


Note: Not the full collection, just a random selection
20 November 2014 @ 05:49 pm

[Pictures and links]

Close up of the book

No approval bar? Fine, I'll just record it everytime someone gives me approval or disapproval. In This Book.

Cloth map

But this is what everyone wants to see.

Sera is taking the whole thing with an appropriate level of decorum
. Also Boots!

If I can find the room tomorrow, I'll spread them all out and take a low quality picture.

Also. I don't have to go back to work for Eighteen Days!
14 September 2014 @ 11:52 pm
This is as close as I'll ever get to writing a sex scene (I lie), and while it is clear what happens, it sticks with the fade-to-black to avoid-the-action. It's also another out of order Ami entry that I started writing because I had an idea of how to make it work. Then it got long. Really, really long. Three thousand words long, and by now I'm sick to death of it.

So yeah. It makes sense without reading the rest of the entries, so go ahead and take a look.

Amicula: The protagonist and narrator, a girl with burgeoning empathic abilities she struggles to control.
Elicia: A mysterious, yet interesting girl Ami knows. She has rainbow dyed hair, and tends to dress in multicoloured outfits.
Robyn: Ami's roommate, currently flirting with a guy Ami knows is a sleaze.
Jordan: Someone from Ami's past. A source of much sorrow, self loathing and angst for yet undefined reasons.
The Plan: A needlessly complicated plan to convince Robyn that the Sleaze is a sleaze, included Elicia's unwitting involvement. Not important to this entry.
The Dance: People move in time to music.

[Amicula: The Dance]

Everything had been set in motion about an hour before the dance was due to start, which meant it was too late to back out. Robyn wouldn't let me see what she was going to wear, so once she finished getting me laced up in my gear she scuttled off to get ready in peace, leaving me – literally – all dressed up with nowhere to go.

I'd arranged to meet Elicia at my room before I escorted her to the dance and her fake 'date,' but now that it was too late to do anything to stop it, I couldn't stop thinking about all the ways it could go wrong. I tried to put it out of my mind and wasn't getting anywhere when I remembered the bottle of vodka I had stashed away. I knew I shouldn't, I'd need an alert mind if I was going to pull off the scheme tonight, but I rationalised to myself that I'd also need calm mild which meant anxious free. So I had a drink, then I had two, then I had more. I was still drinking – and had a decent buzz going – when E finally turned up. I hid the bottle at the knock and opened the door to a vision of white.

Elicia's hair was freshly done, colours so vivid they all but glowed, but that was the only colour she wore. She had abandoned her normal skitzo-rainbow-coloured outfit in favour of a simple, unadorned white dress that clung to her from shoulders to feet. As it always seemed with her outfits, it was impractical for the weather, the only concession made towards the cold being a white lace cardigan thrown over her otherwise bare shoulders, and the hint of her normal black boots peeking out from under the hem.

She had always been beautiful, but dressed like this she took it to whole other level and looked more like an elegant, radiant angel then rainbow adorned girl I normally wasted time with.

Amicula: Wow.

She flushed pink, giving me a shy smile that was a stark contrast with how she normally behaved.

Elicia I'll take that as a good wow.
Amicula: Umm, yeah. You look … I mean … wow.

Her smile turned into a grin and she raked her eyes down over me.

Elicia You're looking pretty wow yourself.

I blushing in turn, unable to stop the blood from rushing to my face. She wasn't wrong, I looked amazing. I'd gone back to town to buy the outfit I had been admiring earlier and the black taffeta over skirt with petticoats alone would have been amazing, but combined with the long silk gloves and a dark corset - that did wonderful things to my breasts - they transformed me into a dark gothic goddess.

Elicia Shall we go milady? The ball awaits.

She held out her arm, I slipped mine through it and we set out together.

The dance was as I expected, filled with terrible music and people I didn't like. Robyn still hadn't turned up by the time we got there, so I did my best impression of a wall while waiting, trying to ignore the looks and glares people were throwing at me. I quickly became thankful that I had been drinking earlier, even in my half drunk state I could feel the pressure of everyone's attention pushing against my mind. Coming here totally sober would have been a super bad idea. As it was I only survived by keeping most of my attention focused on Elicia, trying to pretend all the others weren't there. Not that my Rainbow Girl wasn't without her own drama.

Elicia Ami, did you lure me under false pretences?
Amicula: What I, no-no. Why would you say that?
Elicia You promised me dancing.
Amicula: I did no such thing.
Elicia It's called a 'Dance.' The dancing was implied.

I did a quick scan of the room, but Robyn and the sleaze hadn't turned up yet. I hoped he hasn't decided to decided to skip straight to the traditional post-dance activities, if he so much as laid a finger of R I'd cut his balls off.

Amicula: People dancing at a dance? I've never heard of such a thing.
Elicia They really should put more thought into this non-dance dance. The name must have confused so many people.
Amicula: Next thing you know there will be guys and girls dancing together, think of the scandal!
Elicia A terrible terrible thing. Good thing it's just us girls here.
Amicula: So much better.
Elicia So?
Amicula: So?
Elicia Do you want to dance? With me.
Amicula: What out there? Around people?
Elicia You're hopeless sometimes.

She grabbed my hand and led me out onto the dance floor, near the edge but still too visible for my comfort. I could feel the pressure on my mental barriers grow as more people began to glance at us.

Amicula: Umm E, I don't do this. Dance where I can be seen. I really need to go, to not be here.

She hushed me and draped her hands over my shoulders, locking eyes with my own

Elicia Just focus on me Little Shadow, there's no one else here, only the two of us. And you owe me a dance.

My hands automatically went to her waist in response, she gave me another half smile, and starting to move in time to the music. The vodka was really kicking in by this point so I figured what the hell, and joined in. If I could survive it sure beat standing around being bored.

The dance didn't last long and some uptempo piece of shit I'd never heard of came on and we dropped out arms. She smiled at me again, an obvious invitation, and I couldn't help but smile back. I'd already survived one dance, why not another?

E was much better at it than me, her dancing embodying the whole 'Who-Gives-A-Fuck' attitude that was the best thing about her. I mean try not to give a fuck either, but I'm more of the hide in the corner, she shoves it into everyone's face. I just can't own it like she does. Plus I'm only a passable dancer in the best case, and petticoats weren't the best case, but with E still so close I got caught up in her energy and stopped worrying.

She was close enough that her flickering, waving arms seemed around me, close enough to see her laughing eyes glimmer with the coloured lights above us, close enough for my hair to brush her face as I spun my head, close enough for me to smell her, something exotic yet familiar – like a happy memory from childhood you've half forgotten. The scent engulfed and drove me.

The song ended and moved onto something low and slow and I didn't wait for her to ask, I wasn't done dancing. I wrapped my arms over her shoulders and around her neck, while her arms encircled me and she pressed her body against my own. She was unbelievable hot, a hard intoxicating, tantalising flame in my arms – and every fiber within me suddenly tensed.

I couldn't breath. The music, the people around us, the storm of emotions raining against my mind, it all faded until there was only Elicia. Rainbow Girl, the mysterious bewitching creature who treated the world like I only wished I could. Exciting, brilliant, always ready with the right words to take away my worries and get me all turned about and flustered. Possessed of an undeniable, almost inhuman beauty unlike anyone I'd ever met, and pressed up against me in what I now realised was a very thin dress.

The world had disappeared and Elicia grew to fill the void. I looked at her and saw all the little details I'd never noticed before. The spots where the many coloured hair dye had stained her skin, a pale almost invisible scar that ran down from her corner of her mouth to the edge of her chin, a spider-web of sorrow filled lines etched out between her eyes, eyes that were caught on my own, no longer asking a question but offering a promise, still glimmering with laughter, but a shallow mirth that was layered over a rare vulnerability she was letting me see for the first time.

She leant in and kissed me with raimbow stained lips.

I don't know what I did it. Maybe because I was drunk, too drunk to care about tomorrow or yesterday. Maybe I was sick of mourning Jordan, of the hatred and self loathing I drowned myself in every day. Maybe because E was an exciting, exotic, and embarrassingly gorgeous girl buried in my arms. Maybe I was just tired of being alone.

I don't know why, but I forgot all about Robyn, the plan, the dance, my tortured history and returned the kiss, matching fire with fire as the heat between us reached breaking point.

Time past, I don't know how much, lost in E's embrace. I remember only fragments of the evening, moments that swim in and out of focus. I remember moving out of the dance floor, back to the dark corner I had originally inhabited. I remember E being there with me. I remember more kissing. I remember the disapproval from the crowd around me. I remember the growing feeling of suffocation, unable to breath as the crush of everyone beat down on my skull.

Once outside things calmed down a bit, and I could almost think again. The night was cold and dark, and I tried to let it seep inside me, filling me with cool silent calm. Still half in a haze I made it all the way back to my dorm before I realised I wasn't alone.

Elicia We should have gone to my room, it's closer.

I jumped at the sound of her voice freezing in place midway through the door. E look at me in puzzlement.

Elicia What, do I have to guess the password? Or are you looking for a bribe to let me in?

I jumped again, moving forward on instinct, inadverntly letting E in who pushed it shut behind her. I moved to my bed and sat down as she began examining the room I shared with Robyn, glancing forth R's pink dominated half, to mine which was slowly showing touches of black as I began decorating it.

Elicia I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume the pink belongs to your roommate.
Amicula: Do I look like a pink sort of girl to you?
Elicia No, but you could use some colour in your life?
Amicula: And how would you suggest I do that?
Elicia I have some ideas.

She sat down on the bed next to me, her rainbow hair shifting as she moved and I only then got the double meaning to what she had said. She leaned into me and I began to panic. Her face, inches from my own mouthed words that were lost in the thudding of my hear. Flesh met flesh, her lips touched my own and with a flash I was back at home, in my own bed, and it was Jordan pressed against me.

I jumped away from E in panic, gulping down air. As quickly as it arrived the feeling left, and I found myself standing in the middle of the room. I sat down on a chair with awkward hast, while Elicia looked up at me, concern written in her expression.

Elicia Are you cool?
Amicula: I, yes.
Elicia You know we don't have to do … anything you don't want. We could just kiss, or talk. Or I could leave if you want, it's up to you.
Amicula: What do you want?
Elicia I've made what I want pretty clear, but don't feel like you have to do anything because of that. Whatever you want is find by me.

What did I want?

To not have this curse? For Jordan to still be alive? To have listened when she tried to talk to me? To have hesitated that first night, to have leaned back out instead of in, to have not given that kiss that changed everything forever.

But that was in the past, and dreaming couldn't change it. What did I want now, in this moment? I looked at Elicia, her rainbow hair disarrayed from earlier making my hands itch to smooth it out, her white dress clinging to her slim body, glitter dust gleaming contrasts across her cheeks, her rainbow lips smeared. The scar next to her eye twitched with impatience, I could tell she wanted to say or do something, but was holding back to give me time. Looking at her I was struck by the mad impression that she was a faerie, some fae creature sent to tempt and torment me.

She was hot, there was no doubt about that. Just looking at her made my heart thud, my breath catch and my stomach try to twist itself in half. It wasn't because she was a girl, it wasn't the first time. Sure none of the others had been like this, in fact the last time I been with anyone this intimate had been … Jordan.

I frowned, rejecting the thought. This was nothing like what happened with Jordan. For one, E was totally different. Sure they both had a unique approach to the world, but they were polar opposites. There was no way Jordan would have been caught dead in … would have worn a dress for all the money in the world, let alone one as revealing as what Elicia was still half wearing. And while Jordan was scary smart, and the things she knew could be downright weird, she had none of E's confidence. Jordan was always concerned with what other's thought of her, maybe because she was so good at reading then. E just couldn't care less, she knew who she was and if anyone had a issue with that, then it was their problem. True it could be just as amusing, but that's where the similarities end.

No they weren't alike, the situation was nothing alike, this different and why was I freaking? I looked at E, sitting on my bed in all her crazy, impossible rainbow glory and admitted it.

Amicula: What I want?
Elicia Yes.
Amicula: I want you. I don't know what it means, or what will happen. God help me, I do want you.
Elicia Then come here.

The panic started to well up again, bringing with it the spectre of Jordan before I shoved it back down.

Amicula: No, not the bed. I can't, it's …
Elicia I didn't ask. I'm not asking your past, and tomorrow will take care of itself. You asked what I want? What I want is right now, I want tonight. And the chair works just fine.

She moved across the room and straddled my lap, her dress rising up her legs and my I let myself give in.


I don't know how much later, but I was drawn from enthusiastic game of drawing moans from Elicia with my fingers by the sound of the door being opened. I looked up and everything seemed to freeze as I saw Robyn standing there.

For a moment, it seemed like it wasn't happening, it couldn't happen, not really. This was just another dream or something, I was just imagining it. But the moment passed and reality came crashing back down to the fact that my innocent roommate was standing in the door while I was half naked, with an equally undressed girl sitting on my lap.

I tried all at once to cover myself, untangle my hand out from under E's dress, and pull her away from where she was working on my throat. My success was partial at best, but it was enough to stir Robyn, who turned to run, slamming the door shut behind her.

The noise got E's attention at last, turning to the door and back to me and my rising embarrassment.

Elicia I told you we should have gone to my room. But where were we?
Amicula: E … I don't think, maybe we shouldn't.
Elicia Sure we should.
Amicula: No.
Elicia Yes.

She worked her lips and tongue down to where her hands had returned to their exploration of my chest. I let out an involuntary gasp, and was almost lost in the passion before I regained control and shook her off.

Amicula: Elicia, no.

She looked at me as if trying to gauge my meaning, then slid off my lap, not bothering to hide her irritation. We redressed in silence, and I didn't need any weird emotional sensing ability to pick up what she was feeling. I struggled to pull my thoughts together, feeling like I should say something about what happened, or what almost happened.

Amicula: I'm sorry, after Robyn ... it doesn't feel right.
Elicia It's fine. We'll call it a night.
Amicula: If she hadn't - are you good? I mean, are you going to be alright? I don't know what that was but I want you to be okay.
Elicia That's sweet. I'm fine, frustrated but fine. And we don't need to talk about this now, there'll be time later. I can't disapear on you, not even if I wanted to.
Amicula: Good, thank you.
Elicia Go to sleep Little Shadow, your dreams will be less complicated.

And then she was gone. My dreams less complicated? If only she knew.
08 September 2014 @ 08:17 pm
I received this email today.

I'd forgotten that I'd made an okcupid years ago, and this isn't what it looks like. You see when I first made an okcupid account I didn't actually know that it was an online dating site, the real reason is far more shameful. You see many years ago when I was just a little skin irritation, I was into online quizzes. Like, really into them. So much so that I collected all of my favourite results into one big list. That list is a horrifying insight into who I was a decade ago.

With that in mind, when I found a website called "okcupid" that had a lot of online quizzes, naturally I signed up. It even had a function where it compared your results to other people, how fun! Yeah I was rather embarrassed when I discovered what was really going on over there.

The point of this post is that I've not logged into the aforementioned account for many years, and they're about to delete me, so they sent me an email to try and entice me back. I'm going to be honest here, if they'd sent a list of possible quizzes for me to take I'd have logged in for old times sake. But instead they send me a list of people - it's almost like they don't know they're a quiz hosting site with a small sideline of online dating.

Then again, if I were actually interesting in people instead of quizzes, I'm not sure that email would have done the trick. Go back up and have a look at the picture of all those exciting people. See the one the top right? Man, I don't know how I'm going to live my life if I miss out on Partially-Cloudy-Sky.
10 August 2014 @ 02:30 pm
[Not bad looking]

02 August 2014 @ 05:36 pm
Especially when you pay someone else to make them for you

Intel Core i7 4790
GeForce GTX 770
32GB DDR3-1600 RAM
250Gb SSD
Storm Scout 2 Case
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

[Low Quality Camera Phone Pictures]

So it should play any game on super high ultra stupid settings. It'll defiantly play Dreamfall: Chapters and in particular Dragon Age: Inquisition very well, which is a large part of why. And yet, I bet that when the time comes to play DAI in November, I'll still play it on an xbox.

Not tested with a game yet, currently downloading DA:O, because if you're going to test a new system you pick the highest demanding game you can find.
02 August 2014 @ 10:56 am
I can't seem to reply to comments anymore. That seems to be an issue.