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itches lives here

28 June 1984
Coffee + Hate = itches

(Not Affiliated, Just A Fan)

itches is a faceless redwinged angel made up of equal parts coffee and hate. The journal will contain random segments of thoughts, pieces of context free fiction and rare posts as to the goings on of the real world.


  • The novel I keep pretending I'm going to finish one day hides under the Ami tag with some additional filters.

  • The Play-By-Post roleplaying forum I maintain is located at Online-Roleplaying.com

  • I can be found on twitter complaining about public transport, being tired, and random ill-thought out attempts at humour.

  • My horrible MsPaint StickFigure comic "And A Poodle!" can be found under the Poodle tag, the comics can range from the funny.

  • To the just downright strange.

Rumours of my humanity can not be confirmed at this time.